Providing A Solid Base On Which To Build Upon

CapQ Global offers a suite of visibility services that allows you to increase your exposure and recognition on your target markets. Our distinguished-looking Company Profile available in multiple languages offers you the opportunity of letting others know what your company has to offer. So let’s take a closer look at the elements forming our Featured Company Profile.

More Than Just A Company Profile

A company profile is usually the first impression your audience gets of your business, so it needs to grab their attention. That’s why we’ve crafted a Featured Company Profile that is compelling, captivating, but, most importantly, sums up your company’s best qualities. The Profile is divided into various sections:

  • The Opening Pitch, with a statement by the Key Decision Maker (Chairman, CEO) on your company’s purpose (not one of those dull mission statements though), so you can add a dash of human touch, adding interest for your audience.
  • About Us, with basic information on how long your company’s been in business, business structure, products/services offered.
  • Company Stats, with corporate headquarters address and other contact details, years in business and headcount.
  • Stay Connected, with website, e-mail address and social media link.
  • Specialties, with a list of your main strengths.

Your Company Profile may also include up to 10 text links, directing users to specific products/services on your Corporate Website. Most importantly, it can be featured in multiple languages of your choice to address your target markets and capture new audiences. On top of that, a photo of your Key Decision Maker with personal stats (name, position held, e-mail address, social media link, years at company and industry experience), just to add a personal tone to it all and to show who the face is behind the products/services offered. Below is a comparison chart of our Basic and Featured Company Listings, followed by the other visibility options available on the Portal.

Company Name tick tick tick tick
Company Logo tick tick tick tick
Company Stats tick tick tick tick
Twitter tick tick tick tick
Fackbook tick tick tick tick
Linkedin tick tick tick
RSS tick tick tick
Breaking News Feed tick tick tick
Specialties tick tick tick
Spokesperson Image tick tick tick
Spokesperson Data tick tick tick
Spokesperson Social Media tick tick tick
About Us tick tick tick tick
Core Business tick tick tick tick
Mission Statement tick tick tick
Home Page Featured Company Spotlight tick tick
Sector Landing Page Spotlight tick
Sector Interior Page Spotlight tick


Sector Directory (landing page)

Listed alphabetically, this landing page to each Sector visually highlights your industry category. Increase your visibility by appearing on the side column in our Spotlight Section. Each Sector has its own unique design focusing on its target market.

Sector Section (interior page)

Your company name will appear by category and is listed alphabetically within that category, enabling other professionals to gain instant access to your company profile.

Focus on  

Video is a great way to communicate your message and significantly increase your visibility. It makes a great impression and is one of the most effective methods to showcase your products and services and brand yourself. The Focus On feature on our Home Page will help you convey your brand powerfully and deliver your company’s story to your target audiences.

Visibility Spots

Main Website Home Page – Side Column

There are 2 opportunities to choose from: Large = 273 x 273 pixels – Small = 121 x 121 pixels

Home Page – Featured Company Spotlight

You can have your company headline from your latest news featured on the Home page within your industry sector.

Contact Us Page – Side Column

There are 2 opportunities to choose from: Large = 273 x 273 pixels – Small = 121 x 121 pixels

Sector Directory (landing page) – Side Column

There are 2 opportunities to choose from: Large = 273 x 273 pixels – Small = 121 x 121 pixels

Sector Section – Side Column

There are 2 opportunities to choose from: Large = 273 x 273 pixels – Small = 121 x 121 pixels


This is our current list of industries we are servicing:

  • Business
  • Finance
  • ICT (information and communication technology)
  • Industry
  • Innovation
  • Law
  • Media

If you don’t see a category for your organization, please let us know. You may be in a new and growing sector that is yet to be identified. Profile Questionnaire We’ve placed the questionnaires online for you to download and fill out. Basic Profile | Featured Profile