About Us

A Full-Service Consulting Firm

CapQ Global is a full-service consulting firm that delivers a unique combination of Visibility, Communication and Translation services to organizations who focus on international markets. We combine the three bundled solutions in an innovative way to provide our clients with a kit that addresses every aspect of the content chain and helps them expand their business on the global marketplace.

Through our Visibility services and comprehensive online company profiles available in multiple languages, we aim to present the world’s most respected names in business, finance, industry, information and communication technology, law, and media, with a special section dedicated to innovative companies. From high-profile industry leaders to high-impact emerging brands, we intend to make the CapQ Global Portal the premier platform of today’s top corporations of every size and on every continent.

Through our Communication services, we offer our clients the opportunity not only of distributing their news content on our Portal, but also of showcasing their strategic documents (research reports, white papers, articles, presentations, marketing literature) in our Visibility Spots.

Through our CapQ Quality Translation services, we transcend linguistic barriers and help businesses communicate successfully and speak the language of their target markets, raising their visibility and building brand awareness.

Through our Visibility, Communication and Translation Services all in one bundle, we provide our clients with a solid base to expand their business horizons and grow internationally.